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What sets one carpet dealer apart from another? First, the ability to help clients find the exact carpet that fits their lifestyle, budget, and usage. Our sales people are trained to help identify a match for our client and to be sure they do not make a purchase without having found that exact fit for their needs. Come to our showroom and find out why Eddies Carpets has been in business serving Bay Area residents since 1962.


"Ray and Rudy are amazing dudes. I stopped in here on a whim in regards to a small job I am doing. These two are literally the opposite of the "hard sell". They helped me find the most economical and efficient way to handle my purchase and installation. They specialize in piecing rugs and carpets. I can not recommend them high enough. Go here for a bid before paying any of the large companies."
"Eddie's has a large selection of carpets and offers carpet binding services (even for carpeting/remnants that are not purchased through them) at a very reasonable rate. I spoke with Rudy once and worked with Ray and both are genuinely helpful."
“Very Happy with Eddies Carpets!! I have used them on all of my apartment needs. Quick, professional and upfront. NO funny business!.”
"“Eddies Carpets took care of my wood flooring fixes, laminate, carpet and trim needs. Their workers are quick, and professional!.”
“Eddies Carpets brings over samples and offers the best competitive rates with no room to negotiate... because there is no need! Great prices, great products!.”
“Quick and Professional Installation and clean up was impeccable. We have a high end home and they offer the high end carpets we were looking for.”
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Phone: (408) 371-7585
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Hours of Operation:
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